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Providing DAST capabilities and adding API security testing capabilities integrated into development and DevOps workflows

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Security for Developers and DevOps

5,938,042 vulnerabilities found with fewer than 2000 reported false positives.
Current false positive rate is 0.03%.

Faster Security

Push security priorities up the stack and empower developers to fix vulnerabilities in real time as they build. You already have developers creating your applications. Why shouldn't they also be able to secure it? Our easy integrations and simple setup help you start scanning in just 5 minutes!

Seamless Integration

Whether integrating our API into a continuous integration process or viewing vulnerability data on our website, you’ll find no hangups and no jargon because our mission is to simplify the vulnerability reporting and fixing process. We’ll give you how-to-fix instructions, complete with code snippets tailored to the language you wrote your application in. Integrations allow us to fit right into the developer’s workflow, so we never break them out of the builder’s mindset.

Digestible Data

Security doesn't have to be difficult. We provide your team with clean technical information so they can easily find each vulnerability and fix them quickly. You don’t have to run analytics to understand our results. You can also replay attacks and rescan vulnerabilities with a single click. Immediate feedback will show you how a vulnerability affects your site and if you’ve fixed it!

Incorporate security into your development and DevOps workflow

Our dedicated focus on building products that are thorough, easy to use, and effortless to integrate allows us to empower your developers, regardless of their prior security training. Security teams become more empowered to focus on strategic initiatives, rather than becoming distracted by constantly fighting fires. Our web scanner can still be used by your security teams and pentesters to find vulnerabilities in the sites they are testing, but the developers themselves can be the first line of defense.

Your DevOps team can find and fix vulnerabilities as they’re building as a seamless part of their current development process, with no additional burden. DevOps teams become the critical first line of defense, increasing bandwidth for security teams to focus on strategic security initiatives.

We integrate with your existing toolsets like Jira for issue tracking, or Jenkins for your build pipeline / CI process. We also make it trivial to replay attacks, by providing single-click replays for the precise request that exploited the vulnerability, and single-click rescans to verify a fix.

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