Tinfoil Security VPN Service FAQ

Got questions? We have answers

Why did you build this?

Because browsing the internet securely is something we care about, and it is an enormous pain, especially with the controversy and press around the Olympics his year. Our goal has always been making security simpler, and this is just one step toward that future.

Can I use {AWS,Azure,SoftLayer,...}?

Sure. Shoot us an email at support@tinfoilsecurity.com and request it. As time permits, we’ll add more cloud services, but please be patient; we’re trying to be helpful. :)

Why do you hate {Brazil, Rio, the Olympics, ...}?

We don’t! We just think everyone has the right to use the internet securely and without having to read a book. This was a good excuse to build a service we’ve been thinking about for a long time.

How do I work with people as awesome as you?

Shoot us an email at jobs@tinfoilsecurity.com. :)

I have a suggestion. Can I give it to you?

Absolutely! Just shoot us an email at support@tinfoilsecurity.com.

I have a question you didn’t answer here. Help?

Sure. Just email support@tinfoilsecurity.com.